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Thriving in the New COVID Economy:5 Great Income-Generating Opportunities to Tap Into

Needless to say, the pandemic has upended our lives, changing the very way we work, live, play, and commune. However, despite the many disruptions it has caused, it has also opened up new opportunities for growth, especially for creative, resourceful, and enterprising women.

The “new normal” has unlocked numerous opportunities that women have already taken advantage of, including starting their own businesses to augment their income as well as transforming skills, interests, and passions into lucrative side hustles.

Tough as the crisis may have been, it cannot put a good woman down.

And just what are these income-generating activities? We've rounded five of the most popular and easiest to start. Consider trying them out!

1. Online selling

Have you got stuff at home that you don't use anymore? Books which haven't been touched in ages, clothes you don't anymore wear, or even some old (but still usable) furniture collecting dust in the attic?

In the words of the famous Marie Kondo, if it no longer sparks joy, let it go. Selling your preloved items online is a quick way to earn an extra buck while also clearing out the clutter in your household. One mom was able to raise over P10,000 just by disposing old toys and preloved baby stuff.

There are lots of platforms out there which you can use as a springboard to sell your products online, like Facebook, Carousell, Instagram, and others.

2. Selling baked goodies or home-prepared meals online

Under the new normal, many people are spending more time at home and less at physical restaurants and stores. If you love baking or cooking, you can take advantage of that by selling baked goods or homecooked meals online. It's an advantage if you already have a circle of friends or network you can tap into to help you get the word out about your food business. This can prove to be a steady additional income stream since there will always be a great demand for food, especially if you can build your own distinctive branding.

3. Professional freelance services

Everyone is an expert on something. You can take advantage of your unique set of skills and expertise by diving into the freelancer economy.

Even if you aren’t an expert, there are numerous jobs in the market that require very basic skills. Look up writing, transcription, marketing, and many other side gigs on various online marketplaces or websites like Upwork, GetCraft, and Or, you can advertise yourself and your skill sets using the same platforms. This is a great option for professionals looking to make extra money on their own time and on their own terms.

4. Running errands/becoming a shopper for hire

With many people stuck in their homes or working remotely today, demand for shoppers for hire - or "pasabuy" as the service is typically referred to - is an at all-time high.

There is a trend in today's demands market for people who can run quick errands, from picking up books or groceries, to buying pharmaceutical goods, or delivering miscellaneous commodities. You can find these kinds of gigs on online marketplaces, or you can start your own posting and share them through your own social media and Facebook groups.

5. Selling handcrafted goods

Finally, you can turn your love for the arts and crafts into a side hustle by selling your handmade products. Build beautiful terrariums, hand craft jewelry, or crochet hats and bags, and sell them online. You can look around the market for inspiration and to survey your competition. Try to be creative and think of how your products can stand out.

The pandemic has fundamentally reshaped our work landscape. Though it may have reduced the demand for some work opportunities, it has also opened up many others such as the ones above listed. The key to thriving in the new normal is to be resourceful and flexible, something women entrepreneurs are fortunately no strangers to.

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