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How to Make Money On YouTube

Our choices of content nowadays are more varied and diverse. One major cause of this change is YouTube. Boasting millions of videos on its platform, content creators churn out new content day in and day out for this tech giant. And why would they stop? YouTube content creators, especially with a decent following, can earn upwards of $195 dollars a month! And as they increase their following, the numbers can only go higher. But how do you make money on YouTube?

1. Ad Revenue

Content creators can join the YouTube Partner Program, as well as set-up an AdSense account, so that they can monetize their views through ads. Just like commercials on your TV, companies and advertising agencies will pay to reach your viewers. Of course, you get a cut off every view a particular advertisement has on your channel. More views means more money.

2. Sponsored Content

Other companies and brands that want to reach your audience might want to reach out to you for collaboration. When it comes to sponsored content, content creators negotiate with brands directly to iron out their deals. This can be one-off or recurring videos. As for remuneration, it’s up to the creator to negotiate. Payments can sometimes be done in kind or in cash. If you’d like to pursue this, start building your community and following.

3. Affiliate Partnerships

Besides sponsored content, brands and companies might also want to use your platform as a springboard to direct more traffic to their sites. Companies who do affiliate marketing work with content creators by linking their site or product in the creator’s videos or channels. YouTubers can encourage their viewers to visit the website linked in their videos and, in return, the content creators get a share of the revenue generated from those sales.

4. Sell Your Merchandise

Once you get a large enough following, you can also consider transitioning into an entrepreneur. You can choose to sell anything - from clothing apparel to bags. Basically anything that identifies well with your brand and content! The best part is that you’re your own best advertisement. Your channel is the perfect platform to market your product! Just think of a creative way to sell your product to your audience and you’ve got a recipe for success.

5. Super Chat and YouTube Premium

If you’re a YouTube partner, you can choose to do a live video or Super Chat with your followers and subscribers. Viewers during the live chat can pay with money so that their comments or questions are visible to you for a longer time. Of course, the money they pay goes directly to your digital wallets.

In addition, as a YouTube Partner, it would be great if you can convince your audience to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Part of the subscription pay goes to you when they view your videos and subscribe to your account.

6. More Opportunities for Income Generation

Apart from these, increased visibility can also easily translate to other opportunities outside of YouTube. Depending on your popularity and brand, you can be tapped to appear in shows and events where influential personalities are required.

There are so many ways to monetize and profit from YouTube and the internet at large. However, the most important point to focus on is to grow your brand and community. As you accomplish this, everything else will follow.

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