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7 Money-Saving Hacks If You’re An Online Shopper

RFS, COD, SF – these are only some of the words we’ve grown familiar with over the past few years. With online shopping steadily on the rise, so is spending as Filipinos become more accustomed to online shopping and delivery. Money transfers, cash-ins, and top-ups become knee-jerk reaction, and may sometimes lead one thinking, “Where did my money go?”

As much fun as it is to shop online, try taking a few steps back and see where you can save some hard-earned cash with these money-saving hacks.

1. Use the rewards of using digital wallets

Open e-wallets such as Gcash and Paymaya that grant rewards whenever you cash-in, send money, buy load, and more. It’s also becoming the largely accepted mode of payment these days as we switch to more contactless and paperless transactions.

2. Check for deals and discounts

Always, always check out the sales, discounts, and deal tabs on Grab, Foodpanda, Booky, and other food and groceries delivery apps. You save up to 25% off on promos, vouchers, and free delivery on every order. In addition, you can also earn points, which you can later cash-in or convert to get more freebies.

3. Virtual coins = bigger savings

Collect virtual coins on Shopee, which you can later use as real money. Writing product reviews, sharing posts, and watching videos are only some of the ways to earn coins on the popular online shopping platform.

4. Maximize cashbacks

Pay your bills online via Gcash or Shopee and get automatic cashbacks. Depending on the utilities paid, you can get P100 to P150 cashback, which can go a long way if you think long term. Plus, it’s more convenient–and, nowadays, safer– to pay online or via app than lining up onsite.

5. Rebate is the gate to getting more

Use rebate apps such as Shopback. Essentially, you earn money while shopping online. Because the app partners with different brands, it gets a commission – a portion of which is passed on to its users. The rebates can be accumulated and converted to cash.

6. Keep your eye on the money

Install Monefy or budgeting apps to track down your daily/ monthly earnings and expenses. By organizing and managing your finances better, it will help get a clearer view of your spending and enable you to make wiser choices.

Even having something as simple as an Excel sheet will go a long way to helping you stay on track with your savings and expenses.

7. Earn interest with digital banks

Open a digital bank account like ING or CIMB, which have higher interest rate. Have your money earn as much as 3% interest per year, compared to the 1% interest most local banks offer. These digital banks are also insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), so you can be assured that your investment savings is secure.

When it comes saving more pennies, it all boils down to seeing where your money goes and finding out ways to save or earn an extra buck. Sure, these hacks may yield only P100, or sometimes less, but when you rack them up, it makes a significant dent! Give these money-savings hacks a go and become smarter in your spending.

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