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10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

To this day, the world of leadership and entrepreneurship is still somewhat dominated by men. That’s why it’s inspiring to see women make it big in these fields. What things do successful women practice religiously? What of these practices can you adopt? Here are 10 habits from highly successful women.

1. Have a morning routine

Gina Lavery, a Leadership and Transformative coach, recommends establishing habits that set you up for success like regular exercise, daily meditation, and practicing gratitude. These activities help train and maintain your mind, body, and spirit.

The purpose of these morning routines it to set a tone and pace for the day. If you start off with calm and confidence, you can be assured that you’re in the proper mindset to address any challenges or setbacks.

Lavery also shares that by taking care of yourself first, you’ll be more capable of navigating difficult situations and helping others. A morning routine also increases your ability to listen and lead.

2. Set your intentions for the day

Mia Eng, a partner at Cognascent Inc., says it’s important for you to lead your day before it leads you. Before checking your phone for texts and emails, set your intentions for the day.

3. Be grateful

Kate Dixon of Dixon Consulting recommends committing to the habit of gratitude. Every day write at least 3 things you’re grateful for. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and distracted, so circle back to what really counts. This habit directs you to positivity and can be transformative for leaders.

4. Ask more “how” questions

Dr. Lizette Ojeda, a career psychologist and behavioral scientist, emphasizes the need for leaders to do problem-solving frequently. That’s why it’s crucial that they focus on the solution rather than problems.

How to do that? Instead of asking “why” questions, she says it’s better to ask “how” questions. For example, instead of “Why did this have to happen to me?”, ask: “How can I learn from this experience?” This particular habit shifts you from feeling powerless to powerful.

5. Commit to learn every day, whenever you can

Palena Neale of Unabridged says a leader must learn something new daily. You can learn from anybody - from your colleague, children, mentor, or event hat barista at your favorite coffeeshop. Being a relentless learner helps you become more curious and open to the world.

6. Practice “doing;” act now

Author and business strategist Tara Gentile says it’s important to do something to learn. While waiting is not necessarily bad, Tara says waiting until you have more money, information, or experience means you’re not achieving anything. Bring your ideas to life today. It’s better to start now as there’s no such thing as “perfect timing.”

7. Keep the balance

Jenn Kessler, CEO and Co-Founder of Bizzy, a marketing platform for ecommerce business, says it’s essential to stay balanced. She emphasizes the importance of working out, getting adequate sleep, and having life outside of work. The office isn’t the only place where you can find purpose.

8. Be comfortable with saying no

Maria Jones of The Third Millennium Woman says it’s important to work hard. However, it’s equally crucial to say no to tasks outside your job description or those you are not compensated for. We have limited time and energies, so allot them towards tasks that will help you to grow.

9. Learn to be financially smart

Baby Shark Network CEO Shomaila Niaz emphasizes that women should take money management classes. Being financially smart doesn’t just help you manage your personal budget, it’s also crucial for when you’re handling money for your business.

10. Don’t give up

Nasty Gal’s Sofia Amoruso, who is also the author of #GIRLBOSS, says never give up. In addition, don’t take anything personally as this will consume much of your energy. Instead, set your goals, lay down a plan, and stay on track. Persistence, determination, and commitment will help you towards achieving the success you seek.

Do you know more tips from your fellow girl bosses? Share them with us!

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